Where is the National Single Adult Convention being held?

Stay Katoomba Christian Convention centre (StayKCC), 119 Cliff Road, Katoomba NSW. Cick here for more info on the venue.

Is there a washer/dryer at the venue?

Only one coin operated washing machine is  available, so please consider bringing enough clothing to cover your whole stay, as the laundry facilities are limited.

Is there a disabled toilet/shower?

There are no disabled facilities on site, there are no ramped access points on site. Anyone trying to get from their accommodation to any other part of the sight will likely be facing significant hills and general difficulties.



How many people will be in a room?

The Mountain Camp dorm rooms booked will sleep up to 10 guests

Can I share a room with my friend?

Yes, provided that your friend is the same gender as you. On the registration page, you are able to make a note of who you would like to share a room with. The committee will do their best to meet all requests, but may not be able to do so in every situation.

What is the situation regarding toilets and showers?

All have lockable doors and are designed to ensure privacy. There is a shower/toilet block at the venue which has separate, shower and toilet facilities for male and female. Each has 5 toilets and 5 showers.

Is there air-conditioning in the rooms?

There is no air conditioning on site.

Are blankets, sheets and pillows provided?

There is a doona and pillow provided. Linen will be provided for those travelling from outside New South Wales. New South Wales attendees will need to bring your own linen.


Food and Drink

I have special dietary needs - will these be catered for?

Yes - when you register, there is an opportunity for you to mention any special dietary needs you have. This will be used by the catering staff to create a meal for you that meets your needs.

Can I bring my own snacks?

Food is not to be consumed in sleeping areas

Will there be drinks available?

Yes, there is water, cordial and milo facilities available in the dining room at all times. You are also welcome to bring a named water bottle and fill it up as needed.



Is there are cut-off date for registrations?

Yes - All registrations must be completed by 7 October. This is a requirement of the venue so that they can organise and plan for accommodation and catering needs. No registrations via this website will be available after 7 October. 

Can I receive a refund?

Circumstances sometimes change, so if you are no longer able to attend convention, you can receive a refund if you request it before 7 October. After that date, some payments for activities and catering may have been made for you, so any refunds or part refunds will be at the discretion of the convention organising committee.

Can I register now and pay later?

Payment is required at the time of registration. Registrations and payments are accepted right up until 7 October, so you are able to register and pay when you are able. If you complete the registration form, but do not pay immediately, the form will automatically cancel itself after half an hour, and you will be required to complete the registration form again to register.

Can someone pay for me to attend?

Yes, the payment system will accept anybody's card and credit the registration fee to your account.

Are there part time registration options?

Yes. Please check the registration form for daily attendance including meals (without accomodation).  

Why do I have to pay to come on Sunday only?

Attending sacrament meeting and workshops has no cost, but there is a fee for catering for the lunch afterwards. The venue will only create the amount of meals that are needed to avoid waste and extra costs. The Sunday registration fee covers the cost of the meal and ensures that you do not miss out.